Santa Lucia travel guide

Sunset at Santa Lucia beach Aaron Escobar/Flickr

Sunset at Santa Lucia beach ©Aaron Escobar/Flickr

One of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Cuba, Santa Lucia is a fantastic tourist destination. It can be found on the northern coast of the popular province, Camagüey. The beach is about 21 km long and it is very popular for tourists. Characterized by golden sands and turquoise waters, the beach is an excellent destination for the lovers of sun and sea. The surrounding waters are also homes to an abundant variety of sea creatures. With good water adventures and excellent resorts, it can be your perfect holiday destination for you and your family. Are you interested in more information about this pristine beach? Read the following article which will serve as a travel guide to Santa Lucia.

The beaches

The fantastic seaside resort of Santa Lucia is characterized by pristine beaches, attracting numerous tourists yearly. The excellent beaches include the nearby island Cayo Sabinal, the beach of Santa Lucia named Playa Santa Lucia and Playa Los Cocos (located at the western end of Playa Santa Lucia).

If you are looking for unspoiled mangroves, wonderful coral reefs and breathtaking lagoon, choose the wonderful Cayo Sabinal. The beach of Santa Lucia offers excellent soft sands and a good variety of hotels. You can also admire wonderful pink flamingos here.

Santa Lucia beach Elisa Cabot/Flickr

Santa Lucia beach ©Elisa Cabot/Flickr

Water sports

Santa Lucia is with no doubt one of the longest coral beaches of the country. Scuba diving and snorkeling are extremely popular activities here. Its waters are also ideal for practicing other water sports like fishing, sailing and others. The dive centre of Santa Lucia is named the Shark’s Friends Dive Centre.

With about 35 fantastic dive sites, this place is very attractive for divers. Catamaran tours and open-sea fishing are also very popular activities here. If you choose this destination, I am sure you won’t get bored.

Sunset at Santa Lucia beach Aaron Escobar/Flickr

Sunset at Santa Lucia beach ©Aaron Escobar/Flickr

Other activities

Not only the waters, but the land also offers you great activities, including different excursions and tours or horseback riding. There are excursions organized to the Crocodile breeding farm, a jeep tour named Sabinal jeep safari, a Colonial Camagüey tour and so on. Thus, besides lying on the sunny beaches, visitors can also explore the surroundings of Santa Lucia and make themselves a great active holiday.

View over the sea from Playa Santa Lucia Raul Antonio 1942/Flickr

View over the sea from Playa Santa Lucia ©Raul Antonio 1942/Flickr

Hotels and resorts

As I already mentioned it, there are excellent hotels and resorts along the beach. Almost every hotel offers family-friendly services and great programs, not to mention the great restaurants. Some of the best hotels of Santa Lucia are the following: Club Amigo Caracol, Gran Club Santa Lucia and Brisas Santa Lucia. Choose any of them and make yourself a memorable stay.


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