Places to meet dolphins in Cuba

Dolphin at Varadero ©Chris Lancaster/Flickr

Dolphins are outstanding animals which are favorites to many people all around the world. They are cute, intelligent and playful. Swimming with dolphins is widely used in different treatments, especially for children. But this activity isn’t only a form of treatment it is also an extremely popular activity among tourists. If you would like to admire these fantastic animals or even swim with them, a visit to Cuba is the perfect choice. Would you like to find out which are best places to meet dolphins in Cuba? Read the article below. It will contain useful information relating to the places you can admire or swim with dolphins.


Swimming with dolphins is a big dream for many of us. If you visit Holguin this dream may become reality. There are dolphin tours by speedboat which take you to the dolphinarium. It can be found on the grounds of the Bay of Naranjo Nature Park where sealions and dolphins swim in open-water, not in pools. A swim with dolphins takes about 20 minutes during which you have to wear life jacket for safety reasons. They will give you kisses. It is with no doubt an unforgettable experience.


Besides the spectacular beaches, there are other great attractions at the resort of Guardalavaca. You can watch fantastic seal- and dolphin shows. Visitors also have the occasion to swim with the playful dolphins. Everyone is trained how to handle the dolphins and gets a life jacket. Then they can get into the pool and swim with these fantastic animals.

Swimming with dolphins at Guardalavaca ©jennicatpink/Flickr


The dolphinarium at Varadero is fantastic. Just like in the case of the previously mentioned resorts, there are outstanding dolphin shows and the possibility of swimming with these fantastic creatures. The show is very entertaining and the swim is unforgettable. Visitors are pulled around in a circle and kissed by dolphins. For the price of 10 CUC I think it is a must when you are in Varadero.

Dolphin at Varadero ©Chris Lancaster/Flickr


Cienfuegos is another great place to meet dolphins. The Delfinario de Cienfuegos is an extremely popular visitor attraction. Besides the fantastic show, you can swim with dolphins for just $45. I think no one can forget how it feels to be lifted up by a dolphin with its nose. Visitors are also surely impressed by the environment. It is separated from the sea only by a net.

The National Aquarium in Havana

The National Aquarium in Havana is a fantastic visitor attraction of the capital city. Visitors have the occasion to admire numerous species of fish, seals, turtles, dolphins and even whales. The shows are spectacular. Besides admiring the dolphins, you can visit the museum of the aquarium or have a delicious meal at one of the restaurants.

The National Aquarium in Havana ©Nouhailler/Flickr



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