Pinar del Rio tourist guide

View over the Vinales Valley ruffin_ready/Flickr

View over the Vinales Valley ©ruffin_ready/Flickr

Pinar del Rio is one of the most breathtaking regions of Cuba. It is also one of the world’s finest tobacco producing regions. Besides, there are numerous fantastic attractions here, especially natural ones. This area is actually the westernmost province of Cuba and is home to some of the country’s premier tourist destinations. With rounded limestone mountains, fantastic beaches, huge tobacco plantations and tropical forests, the scenery of the province is unique in Cuba.

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – the Viñales Valley and Las Terrazas are two among the most visited sights of the area. If you are also planning a visit to this region, I recommend you to read the following tourist guide to Pinar del Rio.

Viñales Valley

The world famous Viñales Valley is a top tourist destination of Cuba. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is important for the traditional agricultural skills used in the valley. This sight is also famous for its tobacco plantations, astonishing flora and fauna, beautiful caves and gorgeous sceneries. The fantastic valley is with no doubt the most significant tourist attraction of Pinar del Rio.

View over the Vinales Valley ruffin_ready/Flickr

View over the Vinales Valley ©ruffin_ready/Flickr

Las Terrazas

The mountainous village of Las Terrazas is actually a community organic farmers and artists. This settlement is considered Cuba’s first sustainable village. Lying among several hiking trails, the village is a starting point for tourists to some wonderful waterfalls, mineral springs and even coffee farms. If you would like to discover Cuba’s authentic countryside, I recommend you to visit Las Terrazas.

Sierra del Rosario

The tropical forested mountainous area of Cuba, Sierra del Rosario was the first biosphere reserve of the country, being inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves in 1985. One of the world’s smallest frogs, reptiles and the orchid garden of Soroa are extremely attractive for tourists.


The area named Soroa is one of the most scenic regions of Pinar del Rio. For nature-lovers this place is a paradise. With about 1.000 of species of exotic plants identified here, Soroa is a remarkable sight to visit. The hillside garden of Soroa boasts in about 750 species of beautiful orchids. Visitors can also hike to the wonderful El Salto waterfall, not to mention the possibility of having excellent views over the region from the Mirador de Venus viewpoint.

View over Soroa from the Orchid Garden Lauras512/Flickr

View over Soroa from the Orchid Garden ©Lauras512/Flickr


Besides the previously mentioned natural sights of the region, Pinar del Rio also has some gorgeous islands and beaches, including Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutias. The island of Cayo Levisa is an ideal destination for the lovers of beach holidays. The landscapes are breathtaking, with beautiful coconut trees and mangroves.

Cayo Levisa Geoffroy M./Flickr

Cayo Levisa ©Geoffroy M./Flickr




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