Peak season vs. low season in Cuba

Crowded street in Havana davidandnasha/Flickr

Crowded street in Havana ©davidandnasha/Flickr

If your next holiday destination is Cuba, you are a lucky person! Cuba is a fantastic country. It is the land of tango, fascinating culture, rich history and presents fantastic beaches and islands, not to mention the colonial towns and natural jewels of the Caribbean country. When will you visit the country? It is a very important factor primarily in what regards the weather. To help you make an unforgettable holiday, I will present you the following guide. It will include some facts relating to peak season vs. low season in Cuba. There will be presented information relating to the advantages and disadvantages of these two seasons.

When is it peak season?

The tourist peak season in Cuba begins in December and lasts in March. This period is exactly the winter season in the majority of northern countries. In this Caribbean country the respective period coincides with the dry season. If you ask me, this is the best time to visit Cuba! Of course, if the crowds bother you, skip these months. The resorts, the islands and all the popular beaches are quite full. In what concerns money, prices are higher than during other months. Another disadvantage is that one can find harder available room or rental car. So, if you are planning your journey during the peak season, I suggest you to make your reservation in time and consider all of the previously mentioned factors.

Crowded street in Havana davidandnasha/Flickr

Crowded street in Havana ©davidandnasha/Flickr

When is it low season?

If you would like to avoid crowds and you are traveling on a lower budget, I suggest you to choose the period before or after the peak season. A great thing about the low season is that you will surely find great deals and discounts on rooms, different tours or car rentals. In addition, the islands, the resorts, the beaches and the tourist attractions are not crowded. As for the disadvantage of this season, temperatures are higher during the low season and you can expect for periods of extended rainfall.

Less crowded beach at Varadero Manu_H/Flickr

Less crowded beach at Varadero ©Manu_H/Flickr

How is the weather like during these seasons?

There are actually two seasons in Cuba: the dry one lasts from November until April while the rainy one falls between May and October. As I already mentioned it, dry season coincides with the tourist peak season of Cuba. If you can not stand rain, I suggest you to choose the peak season. It is characterized by temperate and sunny weather, with about 24-27ºC. The rainy season is characterized by higher temperature. It is also important to mention that there is a hurricane season in Cuba which lasts from June until November. I think you would like to avoid this period, of course, if you are not a fan of extreme weather conditions.

Rainy weather in Havana Haydn Blackey/Flickr

Rainy weather in Havana ©Haydn Blackey/Flickr



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