Nature parks in Cuba

View over the Vinales Valley ruffin_ready/Flickr

View over the Vinales Valley ©ruffin_ready/Flickr

Cuba is famous for its amazing natural jewels, including gorgeous beaches with crystalline waters, bays, breathtaking sceneries like national parks, mountains, waterfalls, swamps and so on. In some of the previous guides I have already presented you numerous aspects relating to different natural landmarks of Cuba. Below, as a summery, I will present you the most spectacular nature parks in Cuba. These are the following: the Viñales Valley, Ciénaga de Zapata, Topes de Collantes, Sierra del Rosario and La Güira. All of the previously mentioned nature parks are excellent tourist destinations and worth visiting sights of Cuba. You shouldn’t miss them either.

Viñales Valley

Situated in Pinar del Rio, the fantastic Viñales Valley is one of the major tourist destinations of Cuba. With mountains and caves, the majestic valley is of a great importance, as the area is famous for the traditional agricultural skills used here. If you are interested in an authentic Cuban region, this is the best destination to visit. The flora and fauna of the valley is also astonishing.

View over the Vinales Valley ruffin_ready/Flickr

View over the Vinales Valley ©ruffin_ready/Flickr

Ciénaga de Zapata

With vast and amazing swamps, the area named Ciénaga de Zapata is located in Matanzas Province. The area is a world famous bird-watching region. You can see numerous species of birds here, including the Tocororo, woodpeckers, doves, cuckoos, owls, hummingbirds, cormorants, pelicans and so on. It is a true paradise for bird-watchers.

Cienaga de Zapata birds Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

Cienaga de Zapata birds ©Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

Topes de Collantes

Situated in the Sierra del Escambray Mountains, the amazing Topes de Collantes is another protected area of Cuba. Its full named is Gran Parque Natural Topes de Collantes, the Grand Natural Park Topes de Collantes. The highlight of the park is the El Nicho Waterfall. Besides, there are several tourist areas inside the park, not to mention the possibility of exploring caves, hiking and fishing.

The El Nicho Waterfalls Giåm/Flickr

The El Nicho Waterfalls ©Giåm/Flickr

Sierra del Rosario

A great UNESCO biosphere reserve is the famous Sierra del Rosario. The protected area covers about 25,000 hectares of the Sierra del Rosario Mountains. The park is famous for being home to the Orquideario Soroa, the second biggest orchid garden of the world, including about 700 of species. Waterfalls can also be found in the park. If you love nature, you shouldn’t miss this one.

La Güira

With beautiful mountains and caves, but unfortunately with less tourist facilities, the nature park named La Güira is an astonishing natural region of Cuba. It lies in Pinar del Rio Province and is famous for its caves. These caves are considered to be some of the most beautiful in Cuba.



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