Must See Attractions in Trinidad

  Parroquial Mayor church


Trinidad’s colonial past, romantic atmosphere, unique architecture and pleasant cobblestone streets are all contributing for being the fascinating and unique travel destination spot in Cuba. Its amazing architecture style involving red tiles roofed houses, with decorated balconies and multicultural facades and cobbled streets all make you feel like you are in the Colonial times. All of the major landmark buildings are today used as museums. Plaza Mayor is the historic center of the city, the most representative historic buildings dot the surrounding area. The city is not just famous for its colonial buildings and history but also for hosting Cuba’s best beaches. Check out our post with the must see attractions in Trinidad in order to get to know the attractions of the city.

The Holy Trinity Church, Parraquial de la Santisima Iglesia

Situated at the Plaza MayorCenter the church belongs to one of the most significant landmark of the city. Its interior is in Victorian and Gothic style with an imposing altar wonderfully decorated.  The first Baptism of a local white people was held in this church.

Brunet Theater Ruins

Inaugurated in 1840 and until 1900 it became the cultural center of the Trinidad, before its roof fell down. The theater was the setting of famous performances as Adelina Valti, Armentas, Robeño and Juventino Rosas. Today it is a place where visitors relax and sometimes local bands perform here.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor and Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima in Trinidad


All major streets in the city lead to the central Plaza Mayor mostly dominated by the campanile of the church. Most of the plaza’s mansions became today museum such as the Municipial History Museum. The Brunet Palace is an also am impressive building in the plaza, nowadays it also serves as a museum with marble floors and original frescoes. The plaza has a very pleasant atmosphere; visitors will enjoy strolling through the plaza, in the wonderful colonial doorways through the idyllic central gardens.

Bazaar Trinidad

Here you can get everything from fresh local vegetables through to impressive handicrafts, old decorative furniture and artifacts. It is a very atmospheric place always full with tourists who enjoy various souvenirs.

Museo de Arquitectura Colonial

The museum of Museo de Arquitectura Colonial displays architecture of Trinidad from the 18th and 19th century.

Palacio Cantero Municipial Museum

Palacio Cantero Municipial Museum is the most interesting museum in the city with a huge collection referring to the history: decorative furnitures, archeological artifacts from aboriginal cultures,and weapons from the wars are all displayed.

Valle de los Ingenios

 tower in the Valle de los Ingenios,


If you are in Trinidad you must visit the valley and go up to the Iznaga Tower in order to be amazed by the spectacular view over the city and the valley. The valley de los Ingenios was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it stretches more than 25 miles between Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus, offering great views to the wonderful countryside with castels, old haciendas and slave houses. In the center of the valley there is a well known restaurant. Horse riding tours are the most popular and convenient for  seeing  the sights but  there is also an old idyllic stream train for getting around as well. The best way from where you can see the entire valley is from Mirador de La Loma del Puertos.


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