Local transportation in Havana

Havana sightseeing bus calflier001/Flickr

Havana sightseeing bus ©calflier001/Flickr

Before traveling to such a huge city like Havana, it is good to find out how the local transportation is and what kind of options you have to get around easily in the city. In this regard, Havana is a great place to visit. There are numerous options of which you can choose easily.

There is no need for a rent car, you can opt for sightseeing buses, horse drawn carriages, different kind of taxis (including the yellow Coco Taxi and the Bicitaxi). The drivers will wait for you on every corner and get you wherever you want. You can even rent a bike and make a little workout while visiting the attractions of Havana. If you are planning a visit to this amazing city and would like to find out more about the local transportation in Havana, I suggest you to read the following article.

Sightseeing buses

The most beloved and perhaps most efficient way to visit the major tourist attractions of a city is to get on a sightseeing bus. Of course, Havana has sightseeing buses, too. It is perhaps your best choice as a tourist to see almost all of the city’s attractions and landmarks. You don’t need to buy a touristic map and search for all of the attractions by your own. Besides, the city is huge and it would be really exhausting to search for all of the attractions by foot. The tour takes a couple of hours during which you can visit the major attractions and get a clear view about Cuba’s capital city. There are actually three routes and the buses stop about 60 times during the ride. Another great thing about the sightseeing buses that they aren’t expensive at all. The price for a tour is 5 CUC per person.

Havana sightseeing bus calflier001/Flickr

Havana sightseeing bus ©calflier001/Flickr

Horse drawn carriages

If you stay in a hotel in Old Havana, you can opt for an authentic ride getting on a horse drawn carriage. It is absolutely an exclusive way to visit the city’s attractions, but quite expensive. The price for a ride is 30 CUC per hour. If you have the necessary money and would like to have a romantic tour in the city, get to the Hotel Inglaterra. You will find a lot of horse drawn carriages in front of it.

Taxi rank with waiting horse and carriage in Havana commons.wikimedia.org

Taxi rank with waiting horse and carriage in Havana ©commons.wikimedia.org


As I already mentioned it, there are different kinds of taxis in Havana. These range from normal taxis to Cubataxis, Bicitaxis or Coco Taxis. Coco Taxi is a cheap one. It is important to mention that the yellow Coco Taxis are for tourists and the black ones for locals. Bicitaxi is the cheapest mean of transportation for tourists. It costs only 1 CUC per ride. They are not allowed officially to carry tourists, but they do. As for the Cubataxis, they have no meter, so make a price with the driver before getting in.

Coco Taxis in Havana Robbie01/Flickr

Coco Taxis in Havana ©Robbie01/Flickr



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