Learn to dance salsa in Cuba – top 5 spots

photo by Brendan Lally

Salsa dance has taken over the world and it has fans even in the most unlikely places. People love salsa for passion and its unique moves that resulted from a combinations of African and Spanish styles. Salsa is a distinctly Cuban dance, and it originated in the dance clubs of Havana and other major cities, so if you want to learn how to dance salsa as authentically as possible, there’s no better place for it than Cuba. Salsa is still the most popular dance in Cuba, and although many people learn it on the street or in Clubs, there are more than enough salsa schools where you can learn your steps under careful supervision. You’ll be dancing like a red-blooded Cuban in no time! Here are some of the places to learn to dance salsa in Cuba – top 5 spots.

Academia Salsa Allegre, Havana

One of the most important problems that potential salsa-loving tourists might encounter is the language barrier. If you don’t speak any Spanish at all, you will have to choose between a handful of schools with English speaking instructors Even though there aren’t that many options, these are great schools that are used to cater to foreigners. Academia Salsa Allegre has salsa courses that last 10 hours minimum, and you can choose between individual classes or group lessons.  You can find more information here.

Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

You might have heard of Sprachcaffe if you ever wanted to learn any foreign languages outside your country – it is a famous international language academy. In Cuba, Sprachcaffe also offers Caribbean dance lessons, salsa included of course. The teachers are all acclaimed Cuban salsa dancers, and you will be able to dance with experienced salsa dancers as your partners.

Caledonia, Santiago de Cuba

If you want to combine learning to dance salsa with learning to speak Spanish, you can do so at Caledonia, which offers Spanish/salsa packages for foreigners. The best part about this school is that it doesn’t only teach you the steps – but it introduces you to the culture of Cuban dance clubs. The classes include field trips to Cuban dance clubs where you will put your skills to the test! You need to have a basic grasp on Spanish to take this course, though.

Danza Libre, Guantanamo

Danza Libre’s strategy is also to pair the dancing students with experienced salsa dancers who can guide them and point out their mistakes. What’s special about Danza Libre is that you can not only learn to dance to the music, but also play the music. If you are musical, then you can also take percussion and music classes along with the salsa ones.

Habanabaila, Havana

Habanabaila has been teaching foreigners to dance salsa for over a decade, and it is lead by two of the most prolific and famous salsa dancers in Havana. While most students attend the salsa classes, you can also take some courses in other Caribbean dances like chachacha, mambo or folkloric dances.



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