Kid-friendly attractions in Havana

Havana, photo by Tony Hisgett

Although anyone who has ever visited Havana knows that it’s great fun to be there when traveling solo or with friends, what with all the attractions and sights that appeal to grown-ups (salsa, drinking rum in local bars, hanging out with the crowd on the Malecon), but what about families who are traveling with children? Cuba in general, and its beautiful capital in particular are great family travel destinations, because the appeal of Cuban destinations is no way limited to rum, salsa, and cigars. If you’ve wondered whether your kids would enjoy a trip to Cuba, wonder no more, because here’s a list of kid-friendly attractions in Havana that the young ones will surely like.

Horse and buggy drives

photo by Brian Snelson

The best way to see Havana is to walk until your feet fall off, which is not exactly something that you’d want to do with children who get bored or tired easily. One great way to see the sights, especially in the old part of the city is to rent a horse and buggy when you get tired of walking. No kids can resist the offer of being driven around on a buggy with a horse for a few hours, and the grown ups won’t have anything to complain about either.

National Zoo

If you like animals, you will enjoy a visit to the zoo regardless of your age. In the case of kids, however, a trip to the zoo is a foolproof plan. The National Zoo in Havana is an open zoo where animals that are not dangerous can walk around freely in areas that are very similar to their natural habitat. Visitors are driven around the zoo and can see the animals from a safe distance, but in addition to seeing many interesting exotic species, kids can take part in various fun activities.

Teatro para Niños Cinecito

Havana, photo by Jasper van der Meij

Cinecito is a children’s theater that is the perfect way to spend a rainy day without getting bored. The theater offers daily matinee and evening shows for kids, like puppet shows, cartoons (often North American cartoons with subtitles) and plays. Even if kids don’t speak Spanish, the shows are simple enough to understand anyway, and very fun to watch.

Jalisco Park

Jalisco Park is for grown-ups who like amusement parks in general, or feel nostalgia for the parks of their childhoods, as well as for kids who want something fun to do. This 50′s style amusement park has rides and roller coasters, games and activities, and although it was opened in the fifties, only the aesthetics remained the same, not the safety levels, so you don’t have to worry about your kids being safe!

Camara Oscura

Kids love exciting things just as much (or more) than adults, so for a fun outing visit the Camara Oscura, which offers 360-degree views of the city from a telescopic lens on top of a 35 meter tall tower. As far as kid-friendly attractions in Havana go, the Camara Oscura is definitely one of the most interesting.

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