Jibacoa – one of the best resorts in Cuba

Jibacoa divya_/Flickr

Jibacoa ©divya_/Flickr

Jibacoa – one of the best resorts in Cuba is situated in the northern part of the island, between Havana and Varadero. It is famous for its ideal weather conditions and gorgeous beaches which make it a fantastic tourist destination. For those who prefer intimate atmosphere, it is good news that the resort is not a crowded at all, it is more of a peaceful destination. So, if you are looking for relaxation and peaceful atmosphere, Jibacoa is the perfect destination for you!

Besides, Havana and Varadero are situated both closely to the resort. Thus, you have the occasion to visit these popular and astonishing destinations, too. If you would like to find out more about Jibacoa, its beaches, the activities offered by the resort and the accommodation possibilities, read on!


As I already mentioned it, the beaches are perfect! The temperature is usually high all year around and the waters surrounding the resort are crystal clear. The beaches are not crowded at all, being ideal for those who prefer intimate atmosphere. Lye on the sandy beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters or practice amazing outdoor activities. Whatever you prefer, Jibacoa has great things to offer you! In addition, the waters surrounding the fantastic resort are abundant in marine life and wonderful coral reefs. If you would like to learn to dive, snorkel or you are an experienced diver, Jibacoa will be a great experience for you! In case you prefer underwater adventure, you will love Jibacoa! The wrecks of the Sparta military ship and the Jibacoa cargo ship rest in quite shallow water. Exploring these will surely make an unforgettable experience!

Jibacoa beach heyjohngreen/Flickr

Jibacoa beach ©heyjohngreen/Flickr


Besides scuba diving and snorkeling, Jibacoa has numerous other activities to offer its visitors. Visitors can climb for example the nearby mountains. There are several spectacular marked walking trails in the area which are very attractive for visitors. Horse riding is another fantastic activity offered for those who love these friendly animals. Hiring sailing boats is also popular among visitors. Sailing around the wonderful resort of Jibacoa is with no doubt one of the best activities to practice. Whatever you prefer, you will surely enjoy your holiday at this amazing resort!

Jibacoa divya_/Flickr

Jibacoa ©divya_/Flickr


As for the accommodation, there are some great hotels here. The Superclub Breezes Jibacoa is very popular among visitors. Split into several two-story blocks, the hotel offers 250 fantastic rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a beautiful swimming pool and other features. The services and facilities of the hotel will surely satisfy your preference.

Superclub Breezes Jibacoa heyjohngreen/Flickr

Superclub Breezes Jibacoa ©heyjohngreen/Flickr



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