Interesting facts about Cuban culture

El Floridita SteveR-/Flickr

El Floridita ©SteveR-/Flickr

Cuban culture is a colorful and very interesting, often even bizarre mix of factors. This mix of different influences and factors can be observed at several levels of Cuban culture. The mingling of races is one of the most obvious examples. It is worth visiting the country even if the only reason you just visit it is to meet local people and get in touch with local culture.

If you are also attracted by this unique culture, I recommend you to read my following guide. Below I will present you some interesting facts about Cuban culture, relating to everyday life, cuisine, cigars, dance, education and so on. After you’ve visited the country, you will surely understand why Cuban culture is so famous and unique.

About Cuban people

Cuban people are actually an interesting mixture of different races and cultures. They do not consider themselves Spanish or Africans, but just Cubans. The most important thing about Cubans is that they are very positive, always happy and with no prejudices. They are joking, always smiling and they love to party. Besides, they are communicative, friendly, welcoming and open-minded.

Cuban lady dancing on the street hoyasmeg/Flickr

Cuban lady dancing in the street ©hoyasmeg/Flickr


Cubans combined the characteristics of African, Spanish and Caribbean ingredients and traditions, thus resulting a unique cuisine. Among the most common veggies are: black beans yucca, rice, sweet potato and others. Pork, fish, lobster and chicken are the most common meats.

“Black Cuba”

According to statistics, 30% of Cubans are black, the rest white. Although, they say that Cubans are like sugar: white, mid brown and brown (same as Cubans). For Cubans the color of skin doesn’t matter. They don’t look at black people the same as people look at in the USA. They consider every single Cuban a Cuban and that’s all.


Cubans love to dance or walk around and sing to the rhythm of the drums. Besides, Cubans are those who created the melodies that have traveled all around the world. You can see them dancing on the streets, in the clubs and during the festivals…everywhere.

El Floridita SteveR-/Flickr

El Floridita ©SteveR-/Flickr


Cigars play an important role in Cuba’s economy and culture. Cuban cigars are worldwide famous, being some of the best in the entire world. There are numerous tobacco plantations and cigar factories in Cuba which also serve as tourist attractions. you shouldn’t miss them either.

Cuban cigars alexbrn/Flickr

Cuban cigars ©alexbrn/Flickr


Most Cuban people under the age of about 40-45 have been to at least college or even university due to the fact that education is free to Cuban citizens.




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