Having fun in Cuba

Diving lesson in the pool, Varadero ©Phil Guest/Flickr

Cuba is a great tourist destination, being home to outstanding natural and cultural heritage. Besides visiting beautiful colonial towns, historic sights, national parks, lying on gorgeous beaches, visiting Cuba’s scenic islands, tourists can opt for practicing great activities. If you would like to have fun in Cuba, read the following article to find out which are the best activities offered by this amazing Caribbean country. Some of the most exciting activities on offer are the following: diving, snorkeling, climbing, rafting, fishing and so on. Below I will present you the best places for practicing these activities and their characteristics.

Diving and snorkeling

With no doubt scuba diving and snorkeling are two of the most exciting activities offered for tourists in Cuba. There are numerous diving spots all around the island of Cuba. Some of the best-known and most spectacular spots for diving and snorkeling are the following: Jardines de la Reina, Cayo Levisa, Varadero, Guardalavaca, Santa Lucia, Maria la Gorda and Cayo Largo. The most astonishing spot is perhaps Jardines de la Reina. The waters at Jardines de la Reina are abundant in colorful underwater life. Besides the spectacular coral reefs, divers can admire numerous colorful fishes, the fantastic Caribbean reef shark, beautiful turtles, Whale sharks, Silk sharks, jewfish, barracudas and so on. Not only Jardines de la Reina is a great place to go diving. You can also opt for Varadero and Guardalavaca which are extremely popular among divers.

Diving lesson in the pool, Varadero ©Phil Guest/Flickr


Due to the astonishing natural beauty of Cuba, the country is a favorite destination for many nature-lovers. There are numerous outstanding national parks, mountains and nature reserves which attract dozens of climbers. Climbing is a very popular outdoor activity in Cuba. The best places for practicing it are the following: the Viñales Valley, the Sierra Maestra Mountains, the Valle de los Ingenios, Topes de Collantes, the swamp of Zapata and others. If you are also a fan of climbing, get out in the nature and enjoy the scenic landscapes and peaceful atmosphere.

The Viñales Valley ©jerrroen/Flickr


Rafting can be great fun for the adventurers. One of the most exciting places to practice this activity is the Río de Aguas Blancas. It is very popular among tourists nowadays. Another river which is perfect for practicing rafting is the Toa, Cuba’s deepest river. There are guided tours which can be pre-booked. If you are a fan of adventure and an adrenaline-dependent, you will surely enjoy this activity.


Many visitors prefer peaceful atmosphere instead of noisy beaches or adventurous activities. Fishing is the best choice for these people. This activity is worldwide popular. So it is in Cuba, too. There is a great variety of types of fishing, ranging from sport- to deep-sea or shark fishing. Fishing is available from many coastal points of Cuba. It is with no doubt a fantastic experience.

Fishers in Cuba ©Paul Keller/Flickr


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