Guide to Santiago de Cuba’s nightlife

Casa de la Trova peatc/Flickr

Casa de la Trova ©peatc/Flickr

Cuba is not only famous for its excellent beaches, colonial towns, magnificent natural landscapes, but for its culture, too. Cuban people love to dance. They dance on the streets, in the clubs, in cabaret shows and so on. There are numerous excellent nightlife venues all over Cuba. In one of the previous guides I have already presented you the best nightlife spots of Havana. In the following guide I will give you some useful info relating to the country’s second largest city’s best nightlife venues. Santiago de Cuba is famous for its colonial architecture, its vibrant carnival and for its nightlife. Read this guide to Santiago de Cuba’s nightlife to find out more about these venues.

Casa de la Trova

The famous Casa de la Trova is the most popular nightlife venue of Santiago de Cuba. It is located near the Parque Cespedes and the Casa Granda Hotel. The venue presents Cuban traditional music. The Casa de la Trova is usually open every day, until late evening.

Casa de la Trova peatc/Flickr

Casa de la Trova ©peatc/Flickr


Another extremely famous venue in Santiago de Cuba is the Tropicana cabaret show. Styled on Havana’s Tropicana, this cabaret attracts numerous visitors. It is an excellent venue, offering endless entertainment. The Las Vegas-style cabaret show is one of the best options for tourists. The colorful feathers and lovely ladies will surely amaze you. The entry fee is quite cheap. It costs only CUC35.

Café Santiago Nightclub

A very popular venue for Saturday nights is the Cafe Santiago Nightclub. It is located inside the Melia Hotel complex. This venue is a must for those who love dance shows. The evening usually starts with a dance or a fashion show and after the show the immense room turns into a fantastic disco being open until late evening. The admission fee is very cheap, 5 CUC and it includes 2 free drinks. If you want to skip long queues, it is advisable to get there early in the evening.

Casa de las Tradiciones

A great traditional dance and music club of Santiago de Cuba is the Casa de las Tradiciones. Located in the Tivoli district, the venue is very attractive for people of all ages. Some of the city’s best-known singers and soloists make their appearance here every Friday night. If you visit the city, I recommend you not to miss this great venue.

Santiago de Cuba singers samurai_dave/Flickr

Santiago de Cuba singers ©samurai_dave/Flickr

La Maison

La Maison is another great venue of Santiago de Cuba. This mostly outdoor bar and restaurant can be found on the grounds of an old white mansion which is suggested by its name. The venue usually features a fashion or a dance show every night. The show is considered to be the top of its kind in Santiago de Cuba. Admission is currently 5 CUC.

Singers on the street, Santiago de Cuba peatc/Flickr

Singers on the street, Santiago de Cuba ©peatc/Flickr



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