Finding Casas particulares in Cuba

Casa particular in Cienfuegos with the typical blue sign in front of it kudumomo/Flickr

Casa particular in Cienfuegos with the typical blue sign in front of it ©kudumomo/Flickr

If you haven’t heard about the Casas particulares, you surely asked the question: What is a Casa particular? In the following article I will answer your question. I will also help you finding Casas particulares in Cuba, finding out information about the reservation and the prices.

Cuban residents are allowed to rent rooms to visitors. These are known as Casas particulares. Renting a room at a local family can be more exciting and significantly cheaper than staying at a hotel. Pay attention because besides the legal Casas particulares there are illegal ones, too spread all over Cuba. These can be cheaper than the registered ones, but the danger is to be kicked out when official inspectors visit the Casa.

What is a Casa particular?

As I already mentioned it, a Casa particular is actually a room or some rooms rent to tourists at Cuban residents’ houses. The Casas particulares have existed in Cuba officially since 1997. It is very important to find the registered ones, because there are illegal Casas in many cities, too. Pay attention and don’t let yourself tricked by the extremely low prices. I hope that this article will provide you all the useful information to find the registered Casas and have a pleasant stay at the chosen one.

Room for rent in a Casa particular hellosputnik/Flickr

Room for rent in a Casa particular ©hellosputnik/Flickr

Finding a Casa particular

If you are searching for a Casa particular, search for the typical blue sign which resembles to the contour of an eye. These are surely registered Casas. Where will you find this sign? You will find it on the front door of the house. A great thing about the Casas particulares is that the owners can promote their rooms by advertising on different websites or by distributing their business cards. Some owners will ask you if you are searching for accommodation in a Casa particular as you enter the respective settlement. You will find Casas particulares in numerous cities and towns all around the country, including Havana, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Santa Clara, Varadero, Holguin, Camaguey, Matanzas, Trinidad, Pinar del Rio and so on.

Casa particular in Cienfuegos with the typical blue sign in front of it kudumomo/Flickr

Casa particular in Cienfuegos with the typical blue sign in front of it ©kudumomo/Flickr

Making a reservation

You surely ask the question: “How do I make a reservation before traveling?” You can make a reservation by phone or by email. Once you found (using the internet) a Casa in the settlement you are about to visit, all you have to do is to search on to find the phone number or email address of the Casa. There are different websites which advertise the Casas with all the information you might need. Of course, the cheapest way to make a reservation is by email.

Terrace of a Casa particular Male Gringo/Flickr

Terrace of a Casa particular ©Male Gringo/Flickr


The prices of the rooms vary depending on the location and the season. Popularity can also be a determinative factor. The average prices vary between 20 and 35 CUC per room per night. If you want to include breakfast in the price, it might cost about 3 or 4 CUC, while dinner can cost up to 10 CUC.


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