Discovering Cuba in two weeks

The Great Theatre of Havana exfordy/Flickr

The Great Theatre of Havana ©exfordy/Flickr

Are you an active tourist thinking about visiting Cuba? In this case the following article is the best source of information for you. If you have the possibility to spend two weeks in Cuba, I recommend you to visit as many destinations as you can. Below I will give you some tips for discovering Cuba in two weeks. If you follow these tips, you can organize your visit with no difficulty. This way you can visit the main destinations of Cuba, including Havana, the Vinales Valley, Trindad, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Camaguey and Santa Clara. This journey will surely become one of the most memorable experiences of your life.



You should start your visit with Havana, the majestic capital city of Cuba. Havana is the premier tourist destination of the country, being a buzzing city which drags thousands or even millions of visitors yearly.

On your first, second and third days of your stay I recommend you to explore the beautiful city with its unique landmarks. Visit Old Havana with its stunning landmarks, make a walk along the famous Malecon, have a drink at the El Floridita Bar, tour the city with a classic 50’s car or watch the locals dancing and singing on the streets. It will surely be a great experience!

The Great Theatre of Havana exfordy/Flickr

The Great Theatre of Havana ©exfordy/Flickr

Week 1

I recommend you to continue your visit by heading towards the majestic and incomparable region, Pinar del Rio. The area’s highlight is the beautiful Viñales Valley. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being famous for the use of traditional agricultural techniques and large tobacco plantations.

I suggest you to spend your fifth day in the valley and explore its best! On the sixth day you should head towards Cienfuegos and spend the last day of your first week in this beautiful city. Known as the “Pearl of the South”, the city is very attractive among visitors. Its historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Vinales Valley Romtomtom/Flickr

The Vinales Valley ©Romtomtom/Flickr

Week 2

You should start your second week in Trinidad. The drive from Cienfuegos to Trinidad is scenic and fun. Trinidad is an extremely attractive colonial city, including innumerable great sights like museums, beaches and architectural jewels. Spend your entire ninth day in Trinidad! You can also visit the nearby World Heritage Site, the Valle de los Ingenios (the Valley of the Sugar Mills), it is a not-to-miss.

Visit Santa Clara on the tenth day of your visit! Visit the Mausoleum of Che Guevara, spend some time in the city, than head towards the beautiful city of Camagüey! It is also a great destination of Cuba, being also a World Heritage Site. On the next day (day 11) head towards Santiago de Cuba and spend the following two days here. The city is the second largest in Cuba and it is a not-to-miss. Explore all of its landmarks and on the last day of your visit travel back to Havana. This journey will be a great experience!

Santiago de Cuba Vibragiel/Flickr

Santiago de Cuba ©Vibragiel/Flickr



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