Cuba – the home of cigars, rum and coffee

Some Cuban cigar brands alexbrn/Flickr

Some Cuban cigar brands ©alexbrn/Flickr

You surely know that Cubais the home of cigars, rum and coffee. With dozens of fantastic plantations of tobacco and coffee and lots of rum distilleries, this amazing country is beloved by those who consume coffee, smoke cigars or drink rum. These products attract dozens of visitors to this fascinating Caribbean country.

The Cuban cigars for example are known as some of the best ones of the world, not to mention the rich flavored Arabica coffee, while the Cuban rum is considered legendary. If you are visiting Cuba on your next holiday, make sure to buy a coffee, smoke a cigar or have a rum at one of the fascinating Cuban bars. You will surely be satisfied by the high quality of these luxury products. If you would like to buy any of these to bring home, you can do it in one of the several shops.

Cuban cigars

There are several tobacco regions in Cuba which are clearly defined. All the regions offer different products. Visit any of these and you will surely have part of an unforgettable holiday. The climate of the country is perfect for growing tobacco and the world’s best black tobacco is considered to be cultivated here, in Vuelta Abajo’s soils. The major characteristic of Cuban tobacco is its strength and powerful flavor. Another nearby region is the Semi Vuelta Abajo which produces a stronger flavored tobacco. The cigars produced of these types of tobacco are not export products. For example Partido’s tobacco plants make luxury export cigars. Some rich, aromatic tobacco plants are cultivated in the central area named Remedios. These are characterized by a strong flavor and thick leaves. Besides the products themselves, the Cuban cigar factories are also very popular among visitors. If you are interested in the process of cigar-making, you can visit a factory as many of them offer guided tours for visitors.

Some Cuban cigar brands alexbrn/Flickr

Some Cuban cigar brands ©alexbrn/Flickr

Cuban rum

The production of Cuban rum has a rich history. As sugarcane is also largely cultivated in the country, rum making became a real art in Cuba. There are numerous brands of rum in Cuba and this drink also makes a popular ingredient to many local cocktails. Cubans love their rum and the cocktails (for example Cuba Libre) made of it. Some of the most famous brands are Havana Club which is considered the national brand and one of the world’s best rum, produced since 1878 in Cuba; Varadero rum (it has a light caramel flavor, being dark and sweet) and Matusalem rum. You can taste this flavored drink or any cocktail made of it anywhere in Cuba. You can also buy a bottle of rum and take it home.

Cuba libre ozmafan/Flickr

Cuba libre ©ozmafan/Flickr

Cuban coffee

Although less reputed than the Cuban cigars and rum, the Cuban coffee is still a favorite to dozens of people. Having rich, fertile soils, Cuba is appropriate for cultivating coffee. Due to the warm Caribbean climate the coffee is characterized by a unique flavor. If you love coffee, you can not miss to taste this fantastic drink during your Cuban holiday. You can also opt for a great guided tour on one of the several coffee plantations. It will surely be a memorable experience!

Cuban coffee beans in cup CoffeeDetective/Flickr

Cuban coffee beans in cup ©CoffeeDetective/Flickr



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