Cuba outdoor adventures

Scuba lesson in the pool, Varadero Phil Guest/Flickr

Scuba lesson in the pool, Varadero ©Phil Guest/Flickr

Cuba is one of the most visited Caribbean countries. This fascinating destination drags millions of visitors every year due to its unique landmarks, visitor attractions, unique culture, world renowned beaches and natural beauty. The country is abundant in fascinating tourist attractions, excellent hotels and offers a large variety of entertainment options.

Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find something to do in this wonderful country. If you are a nature-lover or you love to practice outdoor activities, Cuba will be the perfect choice for you. Are you interested in the best Cuban outdoor adventures? In case you are, I suggest you to read this guide. It might help you with some useful information.

Scuba diving

With lots of excellent beaches and islands along the shore, Cuba is the ultimate holiday destination for the lovers of sun and sea. If you are an active tourist, looking for adventure, you will love the Cuban beaches. There are lots of options for every type of tourist. With gorgeous dive sites, Cuba is a premier destination for divers.

Jardines de la Reina, Jardines del Rey, Maria la Gorda, Varadero and Gardalavaca are among the most popular spots for practicing scuba diving and snorkeling. You will surely be amazed by the colorful coral reefs and abundant marine life of the Caribbean Sea.  

Scuba lesson in the pool, Varadero Phil Guest/Flickr

Scuba lesson in the pool, Varadero ©Phil Guest/Flickr


Cuba is a paradise for bird-watchers. The country is home to hundreds of wonderful bird species. The country is abundant in bird-watching locations, many of which being protected areas like national parks and biosphere reserves. From the smallest bird of the world, the bee hummingbird to the pink flamingos, you will find a large variety of birds in Cuba in such locations like the Cienaga de Zapata or the Gran Parque Natural Montemar.


As Cuba is an island country, it is obvious that water sports are extremely popular here. Sailing and boating around the country are two extremely popular activities. Many tourists even arrive to Cuba by ships and boats. Sailing tours along the coast are also popular among visitors. You can opt for a one-day, one-week or even four-week tour around Cuba.

Sailors near Cuba Robbie1/Flickr

Sailors near Cuba ©Robbie1/Flickr

Practicing ecotourism

As I already mentioned it, the country is abundant in natural jewels of which many are protected by national parks, biosphere reserves or nature parks. These parks protect the astonishing flora and fauna of the country. If you are a nature-lover willing to practice ecotourism, Cuba is the right choice for you.


From fresh-water fishing to deep-sea fishing, there is a large variety of options for fishermen in Cuba. Everything depends on your preferences. You can opt for the wetland of Cienaga de Zapata or the fascinating Jardines de la Reina.

Fishermen in Cuba Paul Keller/Flickr

Fishermen in Cuba ©Paul Keller/Flickr

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