Convincing reasons to visit Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo OlliR./Flickr

Cayo Largo ©OlliR./Flickr

One of the most spectacular islands of Cuba, Cayo Largo is an extremely popular holiday destination. Besides the scenic beauty of the island, the beaches are the major reasons which convince a tourist to choose this island. The beaches are characterized by virgin beauty and soft, white sand. There are also several opportunities for practicing great activities here. As for the accommodation, the hotels are excellent, many of them offering great all inclusive packages. If you are thinking about a holiday to Cayo Largo, I suggest you not to miss it! In order to help you make a good decision, below I will present you some convincing reasons to visit Cayo Largo.

Virgin beaches

As I already mentioned it, Cayo Largo is well-known for its wonderful pristine beaches. The best ones are the western beaches, including Playo Paraiso and Playa Sirena. The waters are warm and crystal clear, while the sand is white and soft – just perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Besides, walking on the beach is an extremely popular activity at Cayo Largo. It is considered one of the most popular activities on the island. The beaches are usually well developed with fantastic hotels, restaurants and bars. There are also opportunities for practicing different water sports. Cayo Largo is with no doubt a paradise for holiday makers.

Cayo Largo beach nebulux76/Flickr

Cayo Largo beach ©nebulux76/Flickr

Natural beauty

The wonderful island is famous for its natural beauty. The limestone island’s northern part is dominated by fantastic mangrove forests, while the island is surrounded by magnificent coral reefs. The virgin nature attracts dozens of visitors every year.

Cayo Largo OlliR./Flickr

Cayo Largo ©OlliR./Flickr

Fantastic outdoor activities

If you love water sports, Cayo Largo will be the perfect destination for you! From scuba diving to horseback riding, from cycling to fishing or practicing aerobics, visitors are offered a large variety of activities. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find at least one activity to suit your taste. As I already mentioned it, the island is surrounded by some beautiful coral reefs. Thus, scuba diving is very popular among visitors. Walking and cycling are also very popular activities. If you prefer aerobics, tennis, dance or volleyball, you will love Cayo Largo. You can practice any of these activities every day.

Scenic beach at Cayo Largo dblackadder/Flickr

Scenic beach at Cayo Largo ©dblackadder/Flickr

Excellent accommodation

There are dozens of great hotels on the island which offer excellent services and packages. The hotels are varied and I am absolutely sure that you will find the one suiting perfectly to your preferences. Almost every hotel has direct access to the beaches which is a great thing for tourists. Some of the best hotels of Cayo Largo are the following: Sol Cayo Largo, Isla del Sur, Playa Blanca and so on.


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