Christmas and New Year’s Eve traditions in Cuba

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Will you spend your Christmas in Cuba for some reason? Or will you even stay for New Year’s Eve? Well, if the answer is “yes”, I have good news for you! There are numerous great Christmas and New Year’s Eve traditions in Cuba. Cubans love to celebrate every feast and festival. So is Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They gather, have Christmas parties, roast a pig and enjoy themselves. Are you interested in the menu they prepare for Christmas or the parties they have? All you have to do is read the following article. Before traveling to Cuba it is good to know what will expect you. This article will surely serve as a great source of information.

Christmas traditions

When it comes to Cuban Christmas traditions, everything is about friends, family and lots of food. Cuban people really love to celebrate and they know how to do it. Just like in all Christian states all around the world, Christmas is the most spectacular and most intimate celebration. If Christmas in your country is just amazing, double it and it will give you the extraordinary Cuban Christmas feast, filled with joy and love. It is really the best time of the year. On Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) people gather with their family members and friends and celebrate with good music, fantastic food and of course, love. There are actually two groups of Cubans: the party goers and the party givers. In the streets there are plenty of decorations, lights and Christmas trees, just like in the houses. In the past children did not get any present and there was no Santa Claus. At midnight people go to mass. Then there is a lot of fun, music and dance in the Cuban houses.

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Christmas menu

It is very important for Cubans to have a lot of food at Christmas. The main food on Christmas Eve is the roasted pig. It simply can not miss. On the 23rd of December many Cuban families kill a pig and clean it. The roasted pig is considered the highlight of the menu. It is served with Cuban bread and black and white beans. Besides, Cuban eat salad and yuca con mojo (mojo is actually a marinade with garlic, sour orange and onions). As for the dessert, grapefruit and orange shells are extremely popular. These are prepared with heavy syrup. Besides, they have lots of nuts, cheeses, beer, wine and Spanish cider.

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New Year’s Eve traditions

Cubans have a great time not only at Christmas but on New Year’s Eve, too. They have a tradition which is supposed to be related to forgetting the bad things that happened in the past. It is the doll-burning which they name the “Año Viejo doll”. Cubans also throw a bucket of water on the street. It symbolizes the same thing. Of course, fireworks are preferred by Cubans, too. They have fantastic parties. At midnight there is a tradition of eating twelve grapes and drink cider.

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