Best places to stay in Cuba

Cuban luxury hotel KingLele -/Flickr

Cuban luxury hotel ©KingLele -/Flickr

From CUC10 beach cabins to luxurious five star-resorts, Cuba offers a large variety of accommodation. If you are looking for budget accommodation, choose a Casa particular, as it is always a better value than a budget hotel. The services may be of lower quality, but casas particulares are perfect for backpackers and young travelers. If you are traveling with kids, it is recommended to choose an apartment or at least a mid-range hotel. Pay attention, because mid-range hotels are sometimes housed in spooky places. Of course, the best accommodation category is the All Inclusive five-star hotel or resort. If you are interested in the best places to stay in Cuba, read the following article.

Hotel Iberostar Parque Central (Havana)

Undoubtedly one of Havana’s best places to stay at is the fantastic Hotel Iberostar Parque Central. It is a great five-star hotel, being located in downtown Havana. It might be a little expensive, but undoubtedly a memorable experience. Some of the hotel’s extra facilities include: business center, fitness center, Jacuzzi, rooftop swimming pool, lobby bar and so on. You surely can’t go wrong with this hotel.

Cuban luxury hotel KingLele -/Flickr

Cuban luxury hotel ©KingLele -/Flickr

Hotel Melia Santiago (Santiago de Cuba)

As one of the best hotels of Santiago de Cuba, the Hotel Melia Santiago is located in an elegant area of the city. It is a fantastic five-star hotel which offers good prices and quality services. The prices of the rooms start from €51/person/night. The rooms of the city’s most elegant hotel are comfortable and large. The immense windows provide excellent views over the city. The hotel also includes fine restaurants and bars.

Melia las Americas (Varadero)

One of the best and most popular luxury resorts of Varadero is the famous Melia Las Americas. This amazing five-star resort offers 340 fantastic rooms and All Inclusive packages. Some of the hotel’s rooms are actually suites and bungalows. With quality services and facilities, the resort is a perfect choice for honeymooners and young couples for instance.

Cuban luxury resort smilygirl/Flickr

Cuban luxury resort ©smilygirl/Flickr

Hotel Colonial (Cayo Coco)

Undoubtedly one of the best hotels of Cayo Coco is the fantastic Hotel Colonial. The hotel has a large number of 342 fantastic rooms. The All Inclusive packages and fantastic facilities are very attractive among tourists. A great thing about the hotel is that it is a family friendly hotel, having a kid’s club and a playground dedicated to the kids. Besides, it offers different kinds of restaurants to the clients.

Hotel Los Jazmines (Viñales Valley)

Although the Hotel Los Jazmines is not a five-star resort, it is the best accommodation option in the Viñales Valley. The pastel-pink colonial building offers one of the best views in Cuba. You will surely be amazed by the views of the surrounding area from your hotel room. It includes a swimming pool, a massage room and a small shop.

Cuban luxury resort's pool smilygirl/Flickr

Cuban luxury resort’s pool ©smilygirl/Flickr


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