Best historical sites in Cuba

Old Havana jodastephen/Flickr

Old Havana ©jodastephen/Flickr

One of the most famous Caribbean tourist destinations, Cuba is very attractive among travelers. It is a country full of astonishing destinations and attractions. From majestic colonial cities to gorgeous beaches and islands, from natural jewels to cultural landmarks and from tobacco plantations to historical sites, Cuba is home to innumerable sights you should visit. In my previous guides I have already presented you numerous aspects relating to Cuba’s visitor attractions and destinations.

Below I will present you the best historical sites in Cuba, including the following: Old Havana and its fortifications, the San Pedro de la Roca Castle, the archaeological landscape of the first coffee plantations in South-East Cuba, the urban historic centre of Cienfuegos and the city centre of Trinidad.

Old Havana and its fortifications

Havana was founded by the Spanish in 1519. The old city is an important tourist destination today. The city’s Old Center, Old Havana is a remarkable portion of the city. It succeeded to retain its fascinating mix of Baroque and neoclassical buildings. There is an interesting and attractive ensemble of public buildings, private homes, arcades, courtyards and balconies here. Its fortifications are also remarkable. Visiting Old Havana is like stepping back in the past.

Old Havana jodastephen/Flickr

Old Havana ©jodastephen/Flickr

The San Pedro de la Roca Castle

One of the most famous castles of Cuba is the San Pedro de la Roca Castle. The fortification is considered to be one of the best-preserved examples of Spanish-American military architecture. The site is with no doubt one of the most attractive historical attractions in Cuba.

San Pedro de la Roca Fortress

San Pedro de la Roca Fortress ©

The Archaeological Landscape of the first Coffee Plantations

A very interesting site of Cuba is the Archaeological Landscape of the first Coffee Plantations located in South-East Cuba. The site presents the remains of a 19th century coffee plantation. This can be found at the foothills of the Sierra Maestra. This provides evidence of a pioneer form of agriculture in a rough terrain. The unique landscape is very attractive for visitors.

The urban historic centre of Cienfuegos

The beautiful colonial town of Cienfuegos was founded in 1819. As it lies on the Caribbean coast, the town used to play an important trading place for tobacco, coffee, sugar and so on. The town’s urban historic centre is a very attractive site for tourists. There are numerous old buildings here which attract numerous tourists, making it one of the best historic sites of Cuba.

The city centre of Trinidad

The city of Trinidad was founded in the early 16th century, being one of the oldest settlements of Cuba. The town served as a bridgehead for the conquest of the American continent. Today it is famous for its 18th and 19th century buildings which were built in the town’s days of prosperity (brought by sugar trade).

Trinidad Nouhailler/Flickr

Trinidad ©Nouhailler/Flickr



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