Beautiful Cuban landscapes

The Vinales Valley Romtomtom/Flickr

The Vinales Valley ©Romtomtom/Flickr

Cuba is nicknamed “the jewel of the Caribbean” which is not surprising at all if we think of the pristine beaches and natural environment, the wonderful colonial cities and towns, the unique culture of the country and other aspects. This Central American country is a true treasure of the Caribbean region and attracts innumerable visitors every year due to its abundant landmarks and tourist attractions.

Some are attracted by the world renowned beaches and pristine islands which surround the country, while others want to discover its historical treasures. Whatever your preferences are, Cuba would surely amaze you, too. Let me present you some beautiful Cuban landscapes. Perhaps after reading this guide you will decide to spend your next holiday in this gorgeous country.

The Cuban coastal line

The coastline of the country is more than 3.600 miles long. Along this extremely long and beautiful coastline there are dozens of stunning beaches. The dramatic cliffs give even more attractiveness to the pristine natural environment. The best and most popular beaches can be found along the northern coast. The most famous of these beaches is Varadero.

Cuban beaches are characterized by white sands, gorgeous palm trees and shallow, crystal clear waters abundant in marine life, especially coral reefs. As for the islands, the most beautiful ones are considered to be Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo. If you love beach holidays, you can’t go wrong with Cuba. The landscape will amaze you.

View over Cayo Guillermo beach d.neuman/Flickr

View over Cayo Guillermo beach ©d.neuman/Flickr

The mountainous regions in Cuba

Cuba is home to three major mountain chains which are covered by thick and beautiful rain forests. Gorges, cliffs and caves can also be found on the island. The beautiful mountainous landscapes remain largely unspoiled in spite of numerous climbers and trekkers who arrive here every year to explore these regions.

The most famous such regions are Sierra Maestra, the Escambray Mountains and Sierra del Rosario. One of the most visited regions is the fantastic Viñales Valley in the Sierra de los Organos. You shouldn’t miss it either.

The Vinales Valley Romtomtom/Flickr

The Vinales Valley ©Romtomtom/Flickr

The lowlands of Cuba

The lowlands of the country are highly cultivated with different crops and plants like tobacco, sugarcane, coffee and citrus trees. Cuba was once the largest sugar exporter in the world. Today the tobacco and coffee plantations are world famous and even drag visitors in the country.

One such visited destination is the previously mentioned Viñales Valley. Lowland areas of the country are also breathtaking and abundant in different plantations.

Cuba’s colonial cities and towns

Last, but not least attractive are the fascinating colonial cities and towns of Cuba, including the capital city – Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and so on. All of these cities and towns are worth visiting destinations and make some unique Cuban landscapes.

Old Havana jodastephen/Flickr

Old Havana ©jodastephen/Flickr

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