An Interesting Tour in Hemingway’s Trail in Havana



I’m sure all of you heard about the world famous writer: Hemingway. Being an American writer he spent more than two decades in Havana, that is why Cuban people are very proud of him and spoke about the writer as their owns. Hemingway from the early 30’s made Havana his main home, being found at numerous bars and restaurants ,which don’t just still exist even today, but they become adored places for Cubans and favorite travel destination spot for tourists. This interesting tour in Hemingway’s trail in Havana invites the readers to visit the places where the writer spent an important part of his life, by discovering the spots he used to go and the places which creates the atmosphere some of his major writings.

La Vigía Farmhouse

La Vigía Farmhouse

©Robin Thom/flickr

La Vigía Farmhouse it was Hemingway’s home  for more than two decades. Located about half an hour from Havana, Hemingway wrote many of his novels in this house. After the death of the writer, the house was made into a museum, all of his furnitures, books and trophies remained untouched since he passed away. Visitors are not allowed to go in, but thanks to the opened windows they can look into the major rooms of the villa and they can also see the library of the writer.

The village of Cojimar

 the gazebo of Hemingway in Cojimar


East of the house of Hemingway, is located the famous fishing village, Cojimar, which inspired Hemingway to write his well known book: The Old Man and the Sea. The village is just only 10 minutes drive from Old Havana. Hemingway spent his time in this scenic village fishing all day with one of his best friend. After getting the Nobel Prize for The Old Man and the Sea, his readers begun to the search of the Cuban village, which created the setting of the book. Since then the village became a tourist attraction spot, for those who loved Hemingway and his works. Hemingway is remembered by locals who dedicated a gazebo to the writer.

Las Terraza Restaurant

In your trip in the search of the traces of Hemingway, do not forget to pop into the Las Terraza Restaurant where you can try the locals’ specialties, the delicious seafood meals. The restaurant it gained its reputation due to the fact that it was the writer’s favorite place.  Cool sea breezes and a  great view to the plaza of Cojimar creates a very pleasant and idyllic atmosphere for the visitors.

Bar Floridita

Ernest Hemingway in the Bar Floridita

©Simon Vaughan/flickr

Bar Floridita became another favorite bar for Hemingway, where he used to drink one of Cuba’s favorite beverages Daiquiri. Visitors will find Hemingway’s life size bronze sculpture in the corner, where Hemingway used to sit. He is casually dressed wearing sandals and there are a book and a glass in the table in front of him. Keep in mind that because it is a main tourist spot in Havana, the prices in the bar are a bit steep.

Bar and Restaurant ”La Bodeguita del Medio”

Known to be Hemingway’s favorite bar, where he would have his usual Mojito. Because it is considered to be a must see attraction on a Hemingway tour, the bar is always crowded with tourist and locals as well. Visitors are allowed to sign their names on the walls, if you are lucky you will find the space to do so. Note, that the place is quite expensive.

Ambos Mundos Hotel

Ambos Mundos Hotel


Due to Hemingway’s popularity who stayed in the hotel and wrote the first chapters of ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, nowadays the hotel is a popular tourist magnet. Situated in one of the most privileged locations in Old Havana, the hotel combines tradition with style to satisfy all of the visitor’s  demands.


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