An Interesting Cigar Tour in Cuba



Weather you are a smoker or a non-smoker you have to admit that a visit to Cuba would not be completed without investigating the world famous cigars produced in the country. The history of cigar making it dates back to centuries, and Columbus where among the first Europeans who discovered the tobacco plantations in Cuba. If you are a really cigar connoisseur , its time to take part into our cigar tour around Cuba to reveal the most important regions and factories where the  world famous Cuban cigar are produced. Avoid buying cigars on the streets, as those are usually rolled banana leaves into cigar look-alikes sold by hustlers.


Hospital and Monument in Havana


There is not trip to Cuba without visiting the capital city: Havana. Once you are in Havana and you really are a Cigar connoisseurs you should definitely see the Cigar Museum and the Partagas Cigar Factory, here you can get detailed information about the cigar production, and also you have the opportunity to purchase Cuban cigars from the factory.

Cigar Museum

It dates back to the 18th century and it is the only museum in the country that presents the tobacco culture in Cuba. Its cigar exhibitions consist of a vast collection of tools that are used in cigar procession. The museum has a shop which are specialized on Cuban cigars.

Partagas Cigar Factory

Partagas Cigar Factory


Located in Old Havana the Partagas Cigar factory has a beautiful colonial building, considered as one of the most representative landmarks of Old Havana. It became the oldest cigar factory in the country. The factory takes its name from D. Jaime Partages, who was a small cigar factory owner in Havana who had some tobacco plantations as well. After his death the brand was bought by many others until it became an estate property. Cuba’s most famous cigars are produced here, like Churchills and Lusitanias.

Visiting the Province of Pinar del Rio

tobacco plantation in Pinar del Rio


Originating from Cuba, the best cigars in the world come from the Vueltabajo plantations in the province of Pinar del Rio, as tobacco is grown and harvested in this region. Many tourists explore the city of Pinar del Rio, during the Cigar Fiesta which is held every year, in honor of the cigar’s importance in the social, cultural and economical development of the country. This is a great occasion to learn every details of the cigar making process, and to meet people who are experts in the cigar business world.

San Juan y Martinez

 Situated in the province of Pinar del Rio, San Juan y Martinez it is also known as the Mecca of Tobacco in Cuba that specialize tobaccos which are growing under the sun and under cover. The highest quality tobacco leaves are produced in this area for the world wide know Havanos cigar.

 Vegueros Cigar Factory

On your trip, visit the Vegueros Cigar Factory in Pinar del Rio. Vegueros is a cigar brand, grown in Vuelta Abajo region. In the year of 1961 Francisco Donatién Factory started producing cigars, first just for domestic consumption. During the years they become well known as Vegueros and today it is the name of a brand of cigars produced in Cuba.

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