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Who are we?

Just a small group of rather young travel enthusiasts, who against all difficulties to enter the country, are in love with Cuba. Our 8 + years in the travel industry combined with fortunately extensive travel experiences make us able to answer all your questions about traveling to Cuba and not only.

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What can you do here?

You can put together a must-do things in Cuba list, learn hitchhiking tips, see what are the greatest museums, the top festivals or the best scuba diving spots in the country. With us you can go on Cuba rum tours, take salsa lessons,  visit the most beautiful seaside villages and do many many other things before even setting foot on Cuban land.

Read what you should see in Santiago de Cuba, where are the best clubs in Veradero and what to do if you are in Havana with kids. It is good to be prepared before you travel somewhere, so do not miss some of our essentials either, like must-try Cuban dishes, the best cabarets, Trinidad’s famous attractions or – as we are talking about Cuba – some interesting cigar tours.

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  1. Chaz says:


    I want to do 2-3 days trekking in the Sierra Maestro Mountains. I can’t find anywhere on the web that offers a tour guide for a 3day trip?

    Any help?

  2. admin says:

    I don’t know of individual tours/ tour guides, but I know that hotels in the area do offer guided tours to their guests.
    Hope this helped…

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