A tourist guide to Northern Cuba

The Viñales Valley ©Romtomtom/Flickr

In one of the previous articles I have presented Central Cuba. The following article will actually serve as a tourist guide to Northern Cuba. The northern part of Cuba includes four provinces of which one is Havana. The other three are Pinar del Rio, Mayabeque and Artemisa. Pinar del Rio is an extremely popular province among tourists, just as Havana. Artemisa and Mayabeque are less popular for visitors, but both of them own great natural attractions. If you are planning a tour in Northern Cuba, this tourist guide is the best source of information for you! Read on to find out which are the most attractive points of interest in the four provinces.

The city of Havana

Havana is worldwide famous for being home to some outstanding tourist attractions. The capital city of Cuba attracts more than one million of visitors each year. It is a buzzing city which offers so many things to do and things to see. A visit to this fantastic city is surely an unforgettable experience. With numerous spectacular colonial buildings, museums, theatres, fortresses, parks, restaurants and hotels, the fantastic city is a remarkable tourist destination.

The Capitolio Nacional in Havana ©Boggin/Flickr

The city of Pinar del Rio

The provincial capital, Pinar del Rio is a very attractive city. If you are in Northern Cuba, I suggest you not to miss to visit the city. It also plays an important role in cigar making. The area is well-known for its tobacco plantations and the city also has a cigar factory. You can opt for a visit to the factory where you will have the occasion to see how the famous Cuban cigars are produced.

Viñales Valley

Situated in the province of Pinar del Rio, the Viñales Valley is a major tourist destination. It is a great UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the traditional agriculture and the fantastic karst landscape. There are numerous outstanding places of interest here, including the Viñales Valley National Park, the fantastic caves, such as the Cueva del Indio, several museums and tobacco plantations.

The Viñales Valley ©Romtomtom/Flickr

Diving spots in Pinar del Rio

The province of Pinar del Rio is also famous for being a popular diving destination. With almost thirty fantastic diving spots, the province attracts numerous divers each year. Maria la Gorda and Cayo Levisa are just two of the fantastic diving spots in the region. The underwater life of the Caribbean is amazing. With hundreds of species of fish and colorful coral reefs, the diving spots are very popular for visitors of the province.

Clear waterof of Maria la Gorda ©Geoffroy M./Flickr

The city of Artemisa

It is not as attractive as Havana, but still a beautiful city. It includes fantastic tourist attractions, such as the Church of Artemisa and Martrys Mausoleum. Other places of interest include the “Sugar mills” and the Cafetal Angerona. If you would like to spend a relaxing day in peaceful atmosphere, I suggest you to visit Artemisa.


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