A guide to Trinidad’s nightlife



Trinidad is a rather small town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site at that, and therefore hardly the kind of place where people expect to party. Most of the tourists who go to Trinidad are on the lookout for historical and cultural attractions, but despite all appearances, nightlife in Trinidad is not bad at all either! After walking around this charming town and visiting its sights it’s time to wind down and stop for a beer, music or some dancing. While Trinidad’s nightlife is not quite as explosive as the one in the capital, it is guaranteed to offer you a great night out while you are staying in the city. Here’s a guide to Trinidad’s nightlife to give you a hint about what you can find.

Disco Ayala

The phrase underground club can mean many things nowadays, but in the case of Disco Ayala the meaning is literal: this surreal club is located in a cave! The decor is unique to say the least, the atmosphere created by the disco lights on the rugged stone is very interesting. There are stalactites ad stalagmites, the seating is carved into the rock, and beats are the hottest ones in Cuba. For a unique night out, Disco Ayala will do more than fine.

Casa de la Musica

Disco Ayala, photo by James Emery

Casa de la Musica is the best venues in Trinidad for live music, so much that the bar is known throughout Cuba! This alfresco venue just off Plaza Mayor is one of the favorite nightlife spots of locals and tourists alike, thanks to the lively atmosphere, the good music and the salsa dancing that sometimes take place in the back courtyard. The fact that drinks are very affordable just adds to the popularity of Casa de la Musica.

Bar Daiquiri

While this bar is named after the drink popularized by Hemingway, it is unlikely that he ever was a guest of the venue. Bar Daiquiri is cozy and informal, and one of the best places in town to sip a drink of rum or Daiquiri while chatting with the locals. If you are planning on dancing salsa all night long, Bar Daiquiri is the perfect place to start the evening with a drink or two.

Ruinas del Teatro Brunet

Trinidad at night, photo by anymouse1

If you want to immerse yourself into the local art/music scene, then check out the Ruinas del Teatro Brunet in the evening and watch the Afro-Cuban cabaret-style show that’s being put on every night. The show takes place in the courtyard of what was the first theater in Trinidad, and the historic setting adds even more spice to the atmosphere.

La Canchánchara

La Canchánchara is located in an old colonial home full of historic charm, and sometimes has live music as well. This open air venue is perfect for a laid-back evening of lounging on wooden chairs and sipping daiquiri, or maybe the house cocktail, canchánchara, made with honey, lime and fiery aguardiente.  As far as relaxing places go, this one is the best that any guide to Trinidad’s nightlife can offer.


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