A guide to the spectacular Jardines de la Reina

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Jardines de la Reina is the name of a fantastic archipelago situated in the southern part of the Caribbean country. It is an astonishing national park which was named after the Queen of Spain, by Christopher Columbus, in order to honor her. Being considered the largest protected area of the country, the archipelago of Jardines de la Reina occupies a total surface of almost 2.200 km2.

The islands are well-known for the abundant underwater life in the waters surrounding them. Besides diving and snorkeling, fishing is also very popular among visitors. If you would like to explore Cuba’s second largest archipelago, I suggest you to read the following article first. It will serve as a great guide to the spectacular Jardines de la Reina.


As I already mentioned it, Jardines de la Reina is an amazing archipelago situated in the southern part of Cuba, more precisely between the Gulf of Guacanayabo and the Gulf of Ana Maria. The archipelago consists of about 600 islands and cays. The islands were designated as a national park and attract their visitors due to the abundant underwater life and the opportunity for practicing scuba diving and fishing. Some people even name the area the “Galapagos of the Caribbean”. It is not surprising if we think about the abundance of the animals and plants living in the sea.

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Underwater life

The coasts of most of the islands are dominated by mangrove forests. The mangrove serves as shelter for the smaller fishes. In the open water there are breathtaking coral reefs of all colors and amazing sea creatures, ranging from Jewfish to different kind of sharks. Divers will have the occasion to swim among Caribbean reef sharks, barracudas, huge tarpons, Whale sharks, beautiful turtles, Silk sharks, morays, Bull sharks, Leopard sharks, Hammerhead sharks and so on. They say that thanks to the abundance of the sharks in the waters, it is 100 percent guaranteed that during your dive you will meet at least one. It is not surprising that the archipelago is considered the best diving spot of the country. So, if you are a fan of diving, choose Jardines de la Reina and you will surely be satisfied!

Caribbean reef shark en.wikipedia.org

Caribbean reef shark ©en.wikipedia.org

Jardines de la Reina as a tourist attraction

Today the archipelago is an extremely popular tourist destination, being Cuba’s best diving spot. The experience is unique and unforgettable! For those who are dependent of scuba diving, this area is a must. There are about 50 dive sites spread all over the archipelago. Of course, there is a great diving centre where visitors can make their reservation for a great dive.

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