A Guide to the Local Transportation in Cuba

classic car in Cuba


Once you are in Cuba, you will face the fact that the transportation options within the island are varied, of course all depending on your budget and on the fact that where you want to go. Our guide about the local transportation in Cuba certainly will help you learn a bit more about the public transportation in the city, giving you some useful information about the transport system you want to know.


Buses are the most convenient local transportation in Cuba. There are two main bus lines that operates among the tourist oriented towns and the minor cities as well. They are: Viazul and Astro. Being the biggest bus transportation network in Cuba,Viazul bus services provide short and long routes as well. The buses are comfortable, offering competitive fares. A disadvantage of the buses are that, due to the fact that they are the popular means of transport in Cuba, they become overcrowded, especially on weekends. Astro is cheaper and they are mainly used by locals.


Train - Guantanamo, Cuba


Although Cuba has an extensive network of railways, the countries’  railway system does not respond to the North American and European standards.  There are a rail lines through the country, so you can go anywhere you want by train. Although trains are cheaper than the Viazul buses, they are less comfortable. The trains are used by locals, so if you want to mingle with them, that is a good way to do so. The main railroad is from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, however of course there are other trains from Havana connected to other towns. Although the trains are slow and always lagging behind schedules, the journeys could be relaxing and a good way to be amazed by the great scenic beauty of the island.


Taking a domestic flight, saves you some time to go from A point to the B point.  However in the case of Cayo Largo for instance, there is no other choice and you have to take a domestic flight because there are no ferry transfer to this region of Cuba. Cubana Airline and Aerocarobbean services offer domestic flights between the main cities and tourist spots.




Taking a taxi for getting around in the cities are very common, however using a taxi to get one city to another it could be quite expensive, for that there are the buses. There are two forms of taxi services the metered and the non metered ones. The second ones are cheaper. However if you want to take part in a more nostalgic journey, you definitely have  to take a typical Cuban car from 1950 I recommend especially for those who have a love for the old classic cars.

Coco Taxis are 3 wheeled motorbikes, you should have a ride while you spend your vacation in Cuba because it is a must Cuban experience. They are very typical means of transportation within the cities. They carry 2 passengers and the driver.

Hire a car

If you are the one who try to avoid the transportation hustle in the country, you have the opportunity to rent a car. As in many other countries it is also available to hire a car in Cuba. Because very few Cuban people own cars, there is no heavy traffic in the country;except on the highways.

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