A guide to Havana’s nightlife

Casa de la Música, Havana Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

Casa de la Música, Havana ©Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

Havana is a fantastic tourist destination. The Cuban capital city attracts dozens of visitors yearly. With its astonishing landmarks, Havana is a favorite destination for many travelers. In some of the previous articles I have presented you the major sights of the city, some of its best bars, its best festivals, theatres and so on. Below I will present you the best clubs, nightclubs and discotheques of Havana. If you are a young traveler willing to take part at some fantastic parties, I suggest you to read the following article. This guide to Havana’s nightlife will surely help you find the best venues. Enjoy the vibrant parties, have some great Cuban cocktails and dance to the vivid rhythms.

Casa de la Música

Presenting sometimes afternoon salsa sessions, the fantastic Casa de la Música offers some great parties every day except Mondays. Such music legends’ performances as Chucho Valdés and Bamboleo are usual in the venue. This amazing club is a favorite for locals who “have some money to burn”. The shows usually begin at 22:30, but it is common to get started at 1:00. There is also the popular Tun Tún Piano Bar located within the venue. It displays shows from 22:00 to 4:00. (April 2013)

Casa de la Música, Havana Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

Casa de la Música, Havana ©Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

Disco Turquino

One of the best discos of Havana, Disco Turquino can be found within the Habana Libre Tryp Hotel, in one of the city’s most popular areas. It can accommodate up to 260 people. The disco is open every day from 22:00 to 3:00. (April 2013) Good music is on display, the disco being very popular among both local people and visitors.


This amazing nightclub is similar to Las Vegas’ premier such venues. The Tropicana boasts acrobatic shows, an orchestra and more than 200 performers. It is considered one of Havana’s most fabulous venues. Situated in Marianao, the nightclub is open daily from 23:00 until 3:00. (April 2013)

Club Tropicana, Havana Haydn Blackey/Flickr

Club Tropicana, Havana ©Haydn Blackey/Flickr

El Gato Tuerto

Situated in the famous district of Vedado, the El Gato Tuerto is actually a bar which is open from noon until 6:00 in the morning. (April 2013) Thus, the venue is considered a club visited by many young people. The stylish venue presents fantastic modern furniture, not to mention the kind staff and “sexy” atmosphere. If you prefer modern venues and young crowds, the El Gato Tuerto will surely be your favorite in Havana.

Dancers at Tropicana Club Jongleur100/ookaboo

Dancers at Tropicana Club ©Jongleur100/ookaboo

Dos Gardenias

Last, but not least attractive for young people, the Dos Gardenias offers a pleasant environment. If you prefer personalized service and familiar atmosphere, this venue is the best choice! Famous performers are common invited persons. It is considered to enjoy the best music of all time. The venue is open daily from 23:00 until 4:00. (April 2013)


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