A guide to adventure travel in Cuba

Vinales Valley, photo by Romtomtom on Flickr

Cuba is a travel gem that has been long hidden away from the prying eyes of tourists. But at the present, tourism is more and more welcome in Cuba, and travelers from around the world come to this Caribbean island to enjoy the colonial architecture, the culture, cuisine and the typically Cuba joy of life. The natural wonders of Cuba also make it an amazing destination for those who like to travel for the adventure. Treks, hikes, bird and wildlife watching are only a few of the tamer activities that you can get up to in Cuba. Apart from this, there are lots of opportunities to do interesting things even for the most passionate adrenaline junkie. Here’s a guide to adventure travel in Cuba.

Rock climbing

The great Cuban outdoors are full of stunning natural spots where you can go rock climbing. Vinales Valley has some of the most beautiful rock faces in the country, and it’s not only the climb that is fun, but the view from the top too. There are many vantage points which allow you to see the villages of the valley, and there are several routes you can take around Vinales Valley. Cuba Libra is one of the most challenging and rewarding, but Mucho Pumpito is not less spectacular either.

Scuba diving

Maria la Gorda, photo by Geoffroy Magnan on Flickr

If the treasures of the deep are what you are looking for on your travels, then Cuba has lots of interesting spots for you. The clean waters are home of to a huge number of species, coral gardens and underwater caves that you can discover while scuba diving. Maria la Gorda is one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Cuba, isolated, beautiful and incredibly rich in marine species.


The lush and undisturbed national parks of Cuba are the perfect place for hiking and exploring the jungle. Baracoa is one of the most popular destination for hikers, thanks to the lush vegetation and steep mountains surrounding it. El Yunque, half an hour from Baracoa’s center, is a curiously flat-topped mountain with several hiking trails, and much to show off – don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by orchids or interesting birds. Pico Turquino, the highest peak in Cuba, located in the Sierra Maestra National Park, is also a great pick.


Pico Turquino, photo by Male Gringo on Flickr

Rafting is not a very widespread outdoors activity in Cuba, but if you are a fan of rafting then you won’t have to look too far to find some great rafting opportunities. There are at least three or four tour operators that organize rafting trips in Cuba. Rio Toa, not far from Baracoa, is the widest river in Cuba and one of the best places for adventure travel in the country.

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