5 things to do in Varadero

photo by bdebaca

Cuba is a great destination for independent travelers interested in culture, nightlife and adventure, but it doesn’t disappoint package deal travelers either. Varadero is home to many luxury resorts and for many travelers who prefer to stay at resorts, it is the part of Cuba that they will get to know the most. Although Varadero is quite different from the rest of the country, there are plenty of activities in town that can take you away from your hotel room or the side of the pool. A taste of authentic Cuba is a must for everyone who visits the country, and in Varadero luxury is harmoniously combined with a genuine Cuban atmosphere. If you’re wondering what awaits for you in this pleasant resort town aside from what your hotel has to offer, here are 5 things to do in Varadero.

Walk around Parque Josone

If you want to dive right into day to day life in Varadero, then you must visit the charming Parque Josone at least once. This is where many of the locals come out for a stroll, and there are plenty f facilities that will make your experience as a tourist much more pleasant. Vendors and stalls will provide your with snacks and souvenirs, and there are various activities for kids, such as camel rides through the park.

Tropicana Matanzas

photo by Felipe Martinez

A trip to Cuba is not complete without attending at least one cabaret show, and with Matanzas so close to Varadero, it would be a pity not to drop by the newest cabaret venue in Cuba. Tropicana Matanzas is sleek and stylish, and it follows in the footsteps of more famous cabaret shows like the original Tropicana of Havana.


Dolphins are the kind of animal that very few people can dislike, so if you have a soft spot for these agile marine mammals you should definitely watch their antics at the Delfinario. You can either watch a show (if you are traveling with kids, this is a great way to spend the afternoon), of get even closer to these friendly animals and swim with them. For 85 CUC you get to see the show and the chance to swim with the dolphins.


Hotel National de Cuba ©marko8904/flickr

If you are a passionate golfer, you absolutely have to check out the Villa Du Pont, a beautiful hacienda that now is the headquarters of the Varadero Golf Club. The golf course is the largest in Cuba, with 18 holes and all sorts of interesting features. If you don’t play golf, it’s still worth visiting the villa for its beautiful furniture and various art pieces. Plus, one of the best restaurants in Varadero is located in the villa’s basement.

Another great option for the fans of this sport is Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana and its Golf Bar, well known for its Gallery of the Famous.

Seafari Cayo Blanco

Getting out of Varadero and exploring the wonders of the blue seas surrounding the resort is possible if you book a seafari tour that includes a catamaran ride, snorkeling in some of the most beautiful underwater spots in Cuba, and enjoying the pristine beaches of Cayo Blanco, fine dining and listening to live music.

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  1. Joanna Carbajal says:

    Just to clarity the picture next to Golf (photo by marko8904) is a picture from Hotel Nacional in Havana not from Varadero.

  2. Moira says:

    Varadero has some beautiful countryside and and is the perfect destination if you are travelling to Varadero with children or for lovers of water sports and sun adventure sports.

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