10 things to do in Trinidad

Trinidad, photo by Nouhailler/Flickr

Trinidad ©Nouhailler/Flickr

As one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Cuba, the beautiful town of Trinidad is an excellent tourist destination. The town was built on the back of the 19th century slave and sugar trade. In 1827, at its golden age, one of the 56 sugar mills of the surrounding region succeeded to harvest the world’s biggest cane haul. Today Trinidad is a famous tourist destination. The town and its surrounding region offer some great visitor attractions. I have already presented you the best attractions of Trinidad. Below I will give you 10 things to do in Trinidad. You will surely enjoy your visit to the town and won’t get bored. See which the best activities are.

Making a sightseeing tour in Trinidad

Trinidad’s colonial buildings are beautiful sights to visit. With museums, churches, palaces and other remarkable landmarks, the town is great for making sightseeing tours.

Trinidad Nouhailler/Flickr

Trinidad ©Nouhailler/Flickr

Visiting the Valley of the Sugar Mills by a steam train

The nearby Valley of the Sugar Mills is also part of the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. A great steam train tour takes the visitors from Trinidad to the beautiful valley, offering them a romantic experience to discover the region.

Hiking in the Escambray Mountains

The nearby Escambray Mountains make an excellent tourist destination for nature-lovers. It is a perfect destination for hikers. With waterfalls, coffee bushes, palms and tropical birds, the mountain is a must.

Lying on Playa Ancón

Playa Ancón is one of the most popular Cuban beaches. It can be found in the adjacent area of the town. I recommend you not to miss the sunbathe here.

Ancon Beach FabioC./Flickr

Ancon Beach ©FabioC./Flickr

Finding the best homestays in Trinidad

With some of the best combination of palatial architecture, wonderful furniture, decorated Spanish tiles and breathtaking old chandeliers, some of Cuba’s most beautiful homestays can be found here, in Trinidad.

Eating at the best paladares

There are some great paladares (restaurants) in Trinidad. Vista Gourmet, La Botija and the Café Don Pepe are just three of the best restaurants of the town.

Horse riding in the nearby countryside

Another great way to explore the nearby valley is by horse riding tours. You’ll ride along beautiful trails until you reach the El Pilon waterfall where you can swim in the wonderful cave pool.

Iznaga Tower, Valley of the Sugar Mills Sophoco/Flickr

Iznaga Tower, Valley of the Sugar Mills ©Sophoco/Flickr

Dancing salsa

Just like in many destinations in Cuba, you can learn how to dance salsa in Trinidad, too. The town’s Casa de la Cultura is the most popular salsa venue of Trinidad.

Making walking tours in the countryside

You can explore the fantastic Valley of the Sugar Mills by making a walking tour. It will surely be a great experience. You can have lunch at the Restaurante Ingenio Abajo after the exhausting visit. I recommend their roast pig.

Discovering the Afro-Cuban heritage of Trinidad

During the golden age of Trinidad thousands of slaves worked on the sugar cane plantations and in the sugar mills. The slaves arrived from Africa. They influenced the town by their religion and dance. These influences can be observed in some sights of the town.


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